Enable Favorites in Covenant, Exodus, Incursion and SALTS

This guide will cover the steps to enabling favorites in Covenant, Exodus, Incursion, and SALTS. The steps below will be divided into each add-on. You can perform all the steps to set it up on all add-ons, or you can opt to just set it up on your most used of the four. This guide requires the use of a website called trakt. It is an awesome website used to track all your favorite tv shows and movies. Since these add-ons have trakt integration, it allows you to connect your account and synchronize your favorites across them. This means that the favorites you add on Covenant, will show up on SALTS and vice versa. You can even log in to the website on your mobile phone or computer and have the favorites show up instantly when you enter the add-on. This is great for those times when you’re away from home and wanted to watch something but by the time you get home, you forget.

First, sign up for trakt

Click on the link to sign up for a free account. Trakt.tv Signup

Configure Covenant, Exodus & Incursion

1) Enter the Add-ons section from the left menu of the Kodi Home Screen
2) Highlight the add-on you want to configure favorites on
3) Bring up the context menu (this will be different depending on your device)

a) Press “C” on Keyboard
b) Long press “OK
c) On Fire TV, press the “menu button

4) If done correctly, you will see Information and Settings
5) Select Settings
6) Scroll down to Accounts
7) Select Authorization under Trakt
8) Follow the on-screen instructions
9) Select OK when finished
10) To add favorites, you need to highlight a TV Show or Movie
11) Bring up the context menu (follow step 3 above)
12) Select Trakt Manager
13) Select Add to Collection
14) Anything you add will show up on the first screen under My Movies and My TV Shows

Configure SALTS

1) Open SALTS
2) Select Settings
3) Select Authorize SALTS to use my trakt.tv account
4) Follow the on-screen instructions
5) To add favorites, you need to highlight a TV Show or Movie
6) Bring up the context menu (follow step 3 under the Covenant & Incursion guide)
7) Select Add to Collection
8) Anything you add will show up under My TV Shows Collection and My Movies Collection

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