Sideclick First Look/Demo

In the video above, I take a look at the Sideclick universal remote. Sideclick easily attaches to your favorite streaming device remote allowing you to get rid of all your different remotes. This works by allowing the user to program each button to a specific action. For example, you can program the power button to turn on your TV, likewise the volume buttons to control your surround sound. I purchased the Amazon Fire TV Kit; however, as mentioned in the video, this kit is also available for many different devices. The best part is, if you get a different device, all you need to do is purchase an adapter. The Sideclick remote itself is only one unit that will work universally. Watch the video above to see for yourself!

Check out Kickstarter to learn more about Sideclick! If you would like to order your own, check out Sideclick’s official website or Bestbuy!

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