Install a VPN on Fire TV (Private Internet Access)(Updated 2019)

This guide will give you all the information for installing the Private Internet Access VPN on your Fire TV devices. It also offers some alternatives in case your device is not compatible, or if you would like to use on more than one device.

Getting Started

This guide mainly focuses on using the Private Internet Access service as that is an affordable option with great user feedback. It is also proven to be quite easy to set up on compatible routers using the DD-WRT software. If you are completely sold on using the Private Internet Access service, continue to read starting on Compatibility Chart to see if your device supports the app.

Alternative App – Coming soon! If you don’t want to use PIA, you can check out my tutorial for ExpressVPN.

Router Option – If you are wanting to use the VPN on multiple devices in your household, you can read Router Options below.

Compatibility Chart

If your device is not compatible, you can continue to Router Options below.

Install Guide

After checking the compatibility, you can sign up for Private Internet Access. After signing up, you can follow the guide below to install the client.

1) Search “VPN” from your devices Appstore
2) Scroll right until you find VPN by Private Internet Access
3) Install the app
4) Enter the username and password from the email received after registering
5) Make sure to select OK on the prompt, followed by OK again
6) You can now configure the app with various settings

TIPS: 1) Choose a specific region or set it to automatic. 2) Make sure 1-click connect is enabled. 3) Enable connect on boot so you won’t have to!

Router Options

If you would like to use a VPN on multiple devices, or your device is simply not compatible, you will need to find a router that is compatible with DD-WRT (an open source firmware). You will need to first install DD-WRT, and then follow the instructions provided here to set up OpenVPN. This will allow any device in your household to connect to this router and have an encrypted internet connection. I have had good experiences with the Linksys WRT1200 , Linksys WRT1900 , and Linksys 3200ACM. Those have been the only ones I have tried personally although any router listed on the DD-WRT website should work as well.

If you are not comfortable with open source firmware, you can check out ExpressVPN which provides you with their own firmware to flash on their compatible routers.

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