Install Kodi on Apple TV 4

The videos found in this guide are a bit outdated; however, the steps are still the same. This tutorial is also compatible with tvOS 10.1.1!


  • Make sure you’re using a Mac
  • Make sure you have the latest Xcode available (Version 8.2.1)
  • You will need a USB Type-C cable – Buy Here
  • Download the latest App Signer here
  • Download the latest update for Kodi found on the Downloads page
  • Have your Apple ID ready

Install Kodi

If you get an error saying no devices found, connect your Apple TV and make sure it’s selected on the top left close to the Play/Stop Buttons. When I made the video, I never had that issue. You can then select “Fix issue” and continue.

Update Kodi

Stay up to date!

Make sure to follow the post below for news on the latest updates when they are available.

Apple TV 4 Kodi Updates

Find out what’s new in tvOS 10 relating to Kodi.

tvOS 10 is out…Yes you can install Kodi!


11 thoughts on “Install Kodi on Apple TV 4

    1. Skin update doesn’t work and you have to manually activate the desired repo’s, but then it works quite good.
      Keep or install confluence and just do small adjusts. You can use kodi-remote when kodi is running, so do your test.
      Grtz Mike

    1. I had the same issue when I was first installing with a paid developer account but it was because Xcode and IOS signer was still picking up my temporary developer account. If you hover over the different provisioning options, it will show the expiration dates. After tinkering with the different options, I was finally able to connect my paid account to the Kodi install. I hope this helps and makes sense.

  1. HI – I dont have any option under “Identity” re Fix Issue – and on my version of Xcode (8.2) it has a “Signing” Tab? When I go to load my Team under the Signing tab (my apple ID) it says that it failed to create a provisioning profile?. I have another error message saying that no profiles were found?

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