NES, SNES, Classic Killer + Kodi All-in-One

Seeing that the NES Classic Classic was sold out everywhere, and with Nintendo stopping sales, I decided to create something better and include Kodi.

Parts I used

Raspberry Pi Zero WAmazon or Find a Distributor here.

I used the Raspberry Pi Zero W because it has built-in WiFi and Bluetooth. It is also slightly more powerful than its predecessor.

Blank NES Cartridge – Buy

With this blank NES Cartridge, I was able to design my own cover photo. It also comes with Phillips screws which meant I didn’t have to spend extra on the proprietary Nintendo screwdriver.


This one has to be exact because of its form factor. It is the only one that will fit into this setup.

Micro USB Male to Female Extension – Buy

This one is up to you. Just make sure it is not too long, or too short.

Gamepad – Buy

This is the only gamepad I have tested. If you would like something different, make sure to research whether it is compatible or not.

Mini HDMI Adapter – Buy

This adapter will allow us to connect a full-size HDMI  to output on any TV etc.


This one is also up to you. I had one around the house so I save on the cost. Just make sure it looks small enough to fit inside the NES Cartridge.

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4 thoughts to “NES, SNES, Classic Killer + Kodi All-in-One”

  1. Luis, I follow your videos and have purchased a couple products from you. If you are still in Germany, and I got the parts, what would you charge to put something together like this? Keep up the awesome work!

    1. If you are able to put it together, I can hook you up software wise for about $15 fully loaded. It’s easier so it wouldn’t take long.

  2. Great job on this. Not super cheap when done but you can’t beat the form factor and final result. It would have been great if you did a step by step write up with pictures.

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