VPN Starter Guide (Hulu & Sling TV Overseas)


In the video above, I showed several VPN services and how they worked or did not work with different streaming services. This was done in hopes to help anyone decide which VPN is right for them. I personally had Private Internet Access for around 7 years, strictly to encrypt my traffic and prevent ISPs from spying on me. This being because streaming (using illegitimate means) in the country I live in falls under a gray area. Whether you decide to stream content that way or not, it is highly encouraged to use a VPN. Other than that, when using YouTube, the VPN provided ads in English because my IP was set to somewhere in the states. Even performing google results returned sites in English compared to the ones in the country I live in. This was a welcomed feature as I did not want to deal with using google translate for those sites. Although now it has become easier since Chrome and Safari offer website translation. For legitimate means of streaming content, Private Internet Access failed to work with Hulu and Amazon Prime Video (US account). It worked quite well with others such as Sling TV and Netflix, but I recently wanted to use Hulu and watch shows such as Kitchen Nightmares. That is when I started experimenting with different providers and you can see the results in the video. As of writing this post, I am currently using NordVPN without any problems. The pricing was great compared to ExpressVPN which would have run me an extra $30 for a year.

Other benefits

As mentioned above, VPNs are not only for using streaming services. They can also encrypt your traffic and prevent your ISP from spying on you, and even prevent hackers from stealing your personal information. This is especially useful when using public networks. If you are using third-party apps such as Kodi, to stream content, a VPN is highly encouraged for obvious reasons. In this case, any of the mentioned services are good.

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