Clean Data on Kodi (to free up space)

A couple of years ago, I made a tutorial on how to “Free Up Memory on Kodi.” This tutorial was highly recommended for users to install in order to prevent messages like “Memory Full. Please delete some apps,” which is common on Fire TV’s due to the 8GB of internal storage. Out of the 8GB, you only have about 5GB of usable storage left. This is why I don’t really recommend installing other apps if you’re using Kodi daily. Unless of course, you have a Fire TV box which you can insert an SD Card or USB Drive. Anyways, that video tutorial is no longer working, so I figured I would make a refreshed tutorial which you can check out above. In the video, I use Supergirl Maintenance, which is an add-on I created when I was learning to code add-ons. It’s essentially a clone of Raw Maintenance.

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