Navi-X Shutdown

Update – Not long after the update to support Kodi 17, Navi-X has been shut down. You can find out why by checking out the tvaddons website.

Great news for longtime Navi-X fans. The add-on has finally received its first update in a long time bringing it to version 4.0.1. The biggest change in this update is the compatibility with Kodi 17.0. You can find the complete list of changes below. Make sure to install from the TVAddons Repository only.

4.0.1 Changelog

-updated code to work with Kodi 17
-updated resolutions to work with Kodi 17 default skin
-changed to only have Navi-X available from programs menu because of 
 restrictions of the new Kodi 17 default skin
-fixed list view and menu alignments for 1080i
-brought back updated status in list views for all lists and resolutions
-more work on thumbnail view to get it to operate correctly
-made view changes save in settings now that thumbnailview seems operational
-added show and list description to context menu so they are available in all 


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