Add-on Showcase – Exodus Redux – Updated (March)

Not going to bore you with the details. This is simply a fork (clone) of the popular add-on you all know and love, with several fixes to get you more working links. It can be installed alongside any other variant of Exodus but make sure to also follow the Important Information below.

Install Guide

Make sure Unknown Sources is checked in System settings.

1) Click the GEAR icon below the word Kodi
2) Navigate to File Manager > Add source > <None> 
3) Enter “” and select OK
4) Under Enter a name for this media source, type “Exodus Redux” and select OK
5) Select OK when finished and go back to the home screen
6) Select Add-ons and then open the BOX icon under the word Add-ons
7) Select Install from zip file
8) Navigate to Exodus Redux
9) Select to install it
10) After the notification, navigate to Install from repository > Exodus Redux Repo
11) Select Video add-ons
12) Select and Install Exodus Redux
13) You are done!

Important Information

When you click on a link, you should see “Lambdascrapers Module” like in the image below.

If you are seeing “Default Module” instead, you need to follow the instructions below. Otherwise, you will continue to see “No Stream Available” or only get a few links that may not be working.

1) Open Exodus Redux
2) Go to Tools > SETTINGS: Providers
3) Set “Choose Module Provider Source” to “Lambda Scrapers
4) Go to Open Lambda Scrapers Settings
5) If you are prompted to download the Lambdascrapers Module, do so. Otherwise, skip to Step 8.
6) Go back into Tools > SETTINGS: Providers
7) Go back into Open Lambda Scrapers Settings
8) Select “Enable All Providers
9) Select OK when finished
10) As a best practice, Scroll down to Exodus Redux: Clear Providers…
11) Try the add-on to see if the issues are fixed.

Note: Some of my devices clear the settings above when I exit Kodi which require me to redo the steps every single time. Other devices such as my Fire TV Cube have kept those settings intact. Your results may vary, just make sure you are seeing “Lambdascrapers Module” in order to get more working links.

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