This page is reserved for my Repository and Add-ons. Below you will find instructions on how to install my repository and what each add-on does. If you find any of this helpful, share with your friends, subscribe to my YouTube channel or check out the donation page. Please be advised that this website is hosted on a cheap hosting site. Huge amounts of traffic could cause it to slow down or even crash. If you are unable to install from the repository, try to use the Alternate Installation section below.

Instructions for Confluence Skin

The instructions below are for the Confluence Skin on Kodi 17 & higher.


  • First Enable Unknown sources
    • Select “System”
    • Select “System” again
    • Scroll down to “Add-ons” and make sure Unknown Sources is enabled as shown below


  • Add the Source
    • On the main menu highlight “System”
    • Select “File Manager”
    • Select “Add Source”
    • Copy the image below exactly and select “Ok” when finished


  • Install the repository
    • On the main menu select “System”
    • Select “Add-ons”
    • Select “Install from zip file”
    • Locate the source we added above and select it
    • Select “”
    • It will install automatically and you will get “Add-on enabled” like the image below


Instructions for Estuary Skin

To install the repository using the Estuary Skin, watch this video and skip the irrelevant parts. Otherwise, you can follow the steps above and apply them to whichever skin you have.

Add-ons Explained

kodidownloaderDownloads the latest version of Kodi for ARM or x86 Android Devices. The file is saved to your download folder. You will then have to install it manually using a file manager app such ES File Explorer.

iconDownloads the advancedsettings xml file to increase cache on Kodi 17 as well as on older versions. It allows Kodi to buffer more video than usual.


iconSpin-off of Raw Maintenance. Clears Cache, Deletes Thumbnails, and Purges Packages.


Alternate Installation

This section is for manual installations. Download the zip file for the add-on you want and install it manually.

Kodi Downloader – Download

Krypton Repository – Download

Supergirl Maintenance – Download

XML Downloader – Download