Install Kodi on all Fire TV Models

This tutorial works with all models of Amazon Fire TV including the Fire TV Stick.

Installing Kodi

Step 1 – Head to Settings and Select System


Step 2 – Select Developer Options


Step 3 – Enable ADB debugging, and Apps from Unknown Sources


Step 4 – Head back to the main menu and go into Search


Step 5 – Search for ES File Explorer and Download it


Step 6 – After it has installed, open ES File Explorer

Step 7 – Expand the Tools section and Select Download Manager


Step 8 – Once selected, scroll down to Real-time Observer making sure it’s highlighted, then click right once on your remote. These steps are a bit tricky because you do not see which option you are highlighting at this point. Follow these steps precisely and you should not have any problems.

Step 9 – After Step 8, Select this options which should be the + New if you followed precisely. Your screen should look like the image below.


Step 10 – Select Path and type in (If you want the 64-bit version add 64 after 17)


Step 11 – Select Next and name it Kodi


Step 12 – Click the down key until the cursor is no longer blinking. If done correctly, it will be selecting the Download Now option. Again, you will not see it being highlighted.


Step 13 – Select this option to initiate the download


Step 14 – After the download has completed, your screen should look like the image below. Click the down key until you no longer hear a sound, followed by clicking the right key until you no longer hear a sound. This should be highlighting the option to Install. One last time, you will not see it being highlighted. Click this option.


Step 15 – Scroll down and Select Install


You should now have Kodi installed which you can then access several ways. One way is to go to the Apps section on your main menu, and it should appear in Your Apps Library. Another way is to go to Settings, Applications, Manage Installed Application, and you should see it there.

Updating Kodi

Must Install

This add-on will eliminate the dreaded “Memory Full, Please Delete Some Apps” message.



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