Add-on Showcase – Imperial Streams (Updated 6-21-16)

imperial streams

UPDATE: If you followed this guide previously, you will need to redo everything due to some recent changes by Mucky Duck himself. Don’t be alarmed if Imperial Streams disappeared from your device.

Every once in a while, I plan to bring to you “Add-on Showcase” which will basically introduce add-ons that I found and are good enough to share. It doesn’t necessarily have to be brand new add-ons. It could also be old add-ons that have received new updates etc. This month I introduce to you Imperial Streams.
Imperial Streams is just like most add-ons out there. It was created by developer Mucky Duck, who has quite a good reputation in the Kodi world. Imperial Streams provides links to Movies and TV Shows. It has the two aforementioned categories. No favorites category, just plain and simple.

What I found most interesting about Imperial Streams is the fact that it uses one link for each content. In theory, this would minimize the time spent trying to watch something. Instead of clicking through links until one works, you simply click the show or movie and it will start playing. Of course, there will always be drawbacks. Having only one link means that if it goes dead, you’re pretty much out of luck. In the short time using Imperial Streams, I haven’t had any issues so I think the developer must be doing something right. Content is always fresh, meaning you will see TV Shows and Movies as they are made available. Follow my guide below to install Imperial Streams.


  1. Scroll over to “System”
  2. Select “File Manager”
  3. Select “Add source”
  4. Where it says <None> type in
  5. Below enter a name, type Mucky Duck
  6. Select OK


  1. Scroll over to “System”
  2. Select “Settings”
  3. Select “Add-ons”
  4. Select “Install from zip file”
  5. Select “Mucky Duck”
  6. Select and install “”
  7. After you see “Add-on enabled” select “Install from repository”
  8. Select “Mucky Ducks Repo”
  9. Select “Video add-ons”
  10. Select and install “Imperial Streams”
  11. You are now finished

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