Add-on Showcase – HD Box


This round of Add-on Showcase will focus on HD Box. I’m not sure when it was released, but I’ve just now heard and have seen others talk about it. At first glance, HD Box is very similar to Imperial Streams. It doesn’t contain a favorites section. This add-on, just like the previous is also a single click add-on. This means you click on a Movie, and it will start playing automatically without asking to choose a source first. The number one difference between the two is that HD Box is geared towards Movies. Don’t expect to find your favorite TV Shows because it doesn’t have any. This is why a favorites section doesn’t really make sense. Usually, people just watch a Movie once and forget about it.


Why does is matter? Why do I need it? The short answer to that question is pretty much shown in the picture above. When I compared Imperial Streams to HD Box, I found that Movies were typically higher quality on HD Box. I mean, they better be! It’s in the name! I chose Neighbors 2 just for comparison and my results were that on Imperial Streams, I had a 720p copy, while on HD Box I had a 1080p. Most people will not notice a difference at all. But I know there are videophiles out there that really care about quality. Enough talk, check out the instruction below to install it yourself.

We will be using the Mucky Duck Repo. If you have it installed already, skip to step 8 under Installation.


  1. Scroll over to “System”
  2. Select “Settings”
  3. Select “Add source”
  4. Where it says <None> type in
  5. Below enter a name, type Mucky Duck
  6. Select OK


  1. Scroll over to “System”
  2. Select “Settings”
  3. Select “Add-ons”
  4. Select “Install from zip file”
  5. Select “Mucky Duck”
  6. Select and install “”
  7. After you see “Add-on enabled” select “Install from repository”
  8. Select “Mucky Ducks Repo”
  9. Select “Video add-ons”
  10. Select and install “HD Box”
  11. You are now finished

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